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Shrink Film

Shrinkwell PVC Presentation Shrink film™

  • Available in width from 200/400 to 800/1600 centrefold in 19mu, 25mu & 38mu
  • Easy to seal
  • Low temperature shrink
  • Used on older style shrink equipment
  • Also available in single wound format
PVC Presentation Shrink film
Polyolefin Shrink Film

Shrinkwell Polyolefin Shrink film ™

  • Available ex-stock in various standard widths from 200/400 - 650/1300 centrefold
  • Available ex-stock in several flat film sizes
  • Excellent presentation film with superior optical properties
  • Good puncture resistance and high tensile strength
  • Clean film with no fume seal and shrink
  • Our Standard film is used on manual and semi auto shrink systems and some fully automatic units
  • Our SX cross-linked film is used on high speed automatic systems
  • Our LS film is designed as a low energy low slip film
  • Other specialist versions can be supplied
  • All our Polyolefin has BRC certification

Polythene/Polyethylene Shrink film

  • Available bespoke in any width and gauge to meet your needs
  • Small or large production runs from 250kg to any volume needed
  • All our polythene is designed for machine use
  • Only high clarity virgin grade film supplied for reliable use on any shrink system
  • Various shrink ratio: percentages are available
  • Supplied in single wound and centrefold options
This product is produced in the UK Shrink Film