Spares from Oakwell Packaging

Oakwell and Burnley Packaging Spares

Oakwell Spares

  • Full range of spares to support our own build and the previous Burnley Packaging built L-Sealers (L350, L500, L650, L930) we purchased the design rights to build these units in 1996 so can fully support all units
  • We carry all general consumable spares PTFE, Sealing Wires, Base sponge and Insulation sets etc
  • As we manufacture these units we carry all major parts
  • We offer service on site or on a back to base basis as required
  • Please contact us for competitive prices
  • We carry all major parts for our range of Shrink Tunnels from Elements, Belts, temperature controls and fans etc

Burnley Packaging Spares

  • We can supply an extensive range of spare parts to support the L-Sealers, Sleeve Sealers and Tunnels manufactured by Burnley Packaging until it closed down in 2008
  • We have an extensive knowledge of the various machines and if we do not have the part required we will know which supplier originally supplied the part and will pass this data on to you
  • We normally supply replacement sealing systems, Mesh belts, Heating Elements and other key parts
  • We also offer a re-coating service for your exiting sealing blades
  • On site service support is available
Burnley Packaging Spares This product is produced in the UK
General Spares This product is produced in the UK

General Spares

  • We hold in stock a range of PTFE self adhesive and non adhesive sheet
  • Silicone belting and curtain material
  • Heating Elements
  • Thermocouples, Motors, Fans etc.

Crocodile Sealer Spares (Always available in stock)

  • Complete spares kits available C01381 (six wires, six PTFE tapes and a fuse)
  • Head Sponge with PTFE BRA250
  • Insulation Strip RTH1001
  • Transformer ETA0601
  • As we manufacture the unit we carry all other parts
  • Also we offer a back to base fixed price service on the Crocodile Sealer
Crocodile Sealer Spares (Always available in stock) This product is produced in the UK